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The Medical Exam

Your comprehensive medical exam will include: a detailed patient medical history, neurologic, orthopedic and soft tissue evaluation. By using these specific tools, we can effectively diagnosis and address you condition.

Medical History – This is the first step to help identify where your pain may be coming from, why it is continuing and if there was a specific incident that the pain could be related to.

Neurologic Exam – Will evaluate for muscle and nerve pain, vital signs, cranial nerve assessment, sensory and motor activity, reflexes, coordination and gait.

Orthopedic Exam – This exam will focus on manual muscle testing, range of motion assessment and specific tests relating to your problem.

Soft Tissue Exam – Will help formulate your diagnosis by identifying if the pain is originating from the muscle tissue / fascia through muscle spasm, nerve compression or disc pathology. Postural imbalances are a product of the soft tissue being tight and restricted pulling on the bones to create the imbalance. For example, one shoulder is higher than the other.