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The practice focus of Northstar Pain Care/Neurological Clinic is on the evaluation and treatment of pain—whether the pain is generalized or is localized to the head, neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, arms or legs. All evaluations are performed by Steven Trobiani, M.D. who is board certified in Neurology. On site MRI and CT scans are available through our affiliation with Suburban Imaging, allowing scans to often be obtained during the same appointment. For the treatment of soft tissue (muscle and fascia) sources of pain, we also provide on-site physical medicine services as well as trigger point and Botox injections performed by Dr. Trobiani. Dr. Trobiani is a registered expert for Botox injections in the treatment of chronic migraine.

More invasive forms of treatment are often necessary when the pain is consequent to disc injuries or injury to facet joints in the spine. Referral to Suburban Imaging or the Center for Diagnostic Imaging for epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, and rhizotomy procedures is commonly performed to facilitate those treatments. In making those referrals, Dr, Trobiani will specifically target the site to be injected to maximize the effect and eliminate the need for additional consultation from the radiologist performing the procedure. Post-procedure follow up visits with Dr. Trobiani are arranged at the time the referral is scheduled to allow him to assess the effect of the procedures and allow for any additional treatment recommendations that will need to be made. During this time, all necessary prescriptions for pain medication are provided by Dr. Trobiani.

A variety of conditions causing pain will require surgical intervention. In general, it is Dr. Trobiani’s philosophy to employ all reasonable conservative measures before resorting to surgical intervention. However, reasonable is the operative word. There is no merit in delaying surgery when surgery is inevitable. There is also no merit in incurring the cost of conservative measures that will be predictably ineffective. It takes experience to know when surgical referral should be made in lieu of a conservative course of treatment and Dr Trobiani’s thirty years of experience is invaluable in assisting his patients in making these decisions. Ultimately, however, it is the person undergoing surgery who has the final say as to whether a surgical approach is to be pursued. If that choice is made, Dr, Trobiani has firm relationships with a wide variety of the best orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons that the Twin Cities has to offer and will expedite the scheduling of an appointment with the surgeon chosen for the particular problem to be treated.

While the practice focus of Northstar Pain Care/Neurological Clinic is on the evaluation and treatment of pain, Dr. Trobiani is a board certified neurologist with training and experience in the entire range of neurological conditions and welcomes patients with seizure disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other assorted neurological conditions.

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